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About vAcademia

Virtual Academia is the educational virtual world enabling visitors to conduct and attend classes, training courses, meetings and presentations tailored to the needs of an individual learner or several dozen learners at a time.

Virtual Academia provides its visitors with a unique opportunity of 3D recording of any educational event. In other virtual worlds the class passes to inaccessible past right after finishing just like in real life. In Virtual Academia you can always attend an interesting class again alone or with your friends even after it’s finished. The most successful classes can be saved and new students may be authorized to access them.
The option of classes recording is the main advantage of Virtual Academia.

Virtual Academia employs WEB 2.0 technologies complemented with other features of virtual worlds which make it possible to create interactive educational content accessible by all internet users and thus provide a new breakthrough approach to learning in virtual worlds.

Teaching in Virtual Academia

Are you a teacher? If so, try not to miss a chance of using state-of-the-art digital technologies for conducting classes and delivering lectures. Virtual Academia facilitates students from all over the internet to participate in the course.

Arrange learning groups

Virtual Academia will assist you in bringing together students into groups. In Virtual Academia you can organize learning groups depending on students’ application forms. You can send invitations to students you are willing to see at your classes.

Assign courses

On Virtual Academia website you can create a course of study, add its description and make up a syllabus of all the classes you intend to conduct. You can always manage your classes: choose the day and the time of the class, send invitations to students you know personally. The announcement of the coming class will be allocated on our website and the interested students will be able to either join the class and have personal interaction with the teacher and other students or watch the recorded class if that is more convenient for them.

Use a variety of teaching tools

Virtual Academia is equipped with a whole range of tools for effective virtual education.

  • Audio and video conferencing
    The classes can be conducted with voice communication. You can also take the advantage of delivering the image from your web camera to the audience via interactive board.

  • Resource collection
    Upload and make good use of additional educational materials including presentations, images, tables, internet links, etc. at your classes.

  • Screen display and application management
    Show students any applications running on your computer. Authorize your students to manage applications upon your choice.

  • Questionnaire survey
    The “Clicker” function allows to interview people attending the class, process data and instantly display the results in the form of diagrams on the interactive board.

  • Interactive board
    Draft the equation, highlight its most important components, comment on the slides of your presentation on the interactive board just in the way you would do it in a real classroom.

  • Sound capture
    Using this option will allow you to broadcast any sounds from your computer.

  • Video recording
    Place the videos of your recorded classes on the web and they will be accessible to other internet users. These videos will help students attend a recorded 3D class and get the feeling of presence at the educational event.

Learning in Virtual Academia

Are you a student? Why not attend an interesting class right from the comfort of your home!

In Virtual Academia you can watch the course of lectures you are interested in, participate in the work of the seminars and discussions and meet people with similar interests.

Choose the classes you are willing to attend

Suppose you would like to do a new subject but the educational institutions located nearby do not offer this subject in the way you would like them to. It is very likely for you to find the desired option in the Virtual Academia. You can follow the upcoming courses on the website and enroll to the ones you are interested in.

Watch recorded classes

If for some reason you missed the class, you can always watch it recorded. Here you also have a choice: it may be either video or interactive 3D record of the conducted class. Feel free to comment on the recorded classes and check the number of students involved. Read other students’ comments thus getting additional information about the course.

Add friends and join communities

Virtual academy provides social networking facilities. It will enable you to meet your teachers and co-students, and you will get a wonderful chance to communicate with them outside classes. It is rather important to have the opportunity to discuss the material under study, keep track of news and events or share some vital information, isn’t it? Add friends, join communities or create new ones for quality communication with other users.

Are you ready to share your knowledge or interested in high quality education at the place and time of your convenience?
Virtual Academia is your choice!

Download the installer now and explore the opportunities of the Virtual Academia for free. The registration procedure is short and simple. All you have to do is fill in the form, choose your avatar and...

Welcome to Virtual Academia World!