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Corporate configurations of vAcademia

The following plans and corresponding features are available for organizations who wish to install vAcademia on their own servers. vAcademia can provide installation assistance for additional one-time cost.
Basic vAcademia vAcademia Pro
Virtual 3D-space for learning (360 thousand m2), incl.: 33 classrooms with a capacity of 10 to 20 people; 29 classrooms with a capacity of 20 to 40 people; 17 classrooms with a capacity of more than 40 people.
Interactive whiteboards with a set of presentation tools
Learning tools for teacher
Communication tools (chat, voice)
Virtual 3D-recording
Resource collection support tools
Avatar customization tools
3D-objects customization
Virtual reality programming language vJS
"My home" - user’s private location
Virtual world navigation tools
Test constructor
Text, sound and graphical notes in the virtual world
Site for management of learning in virtual space
Virtual laboratories
Visiting statistics
Kinect support
iPad support
Oculus Rift support
Support the work of the client in closed networks via a proxy server
Video translation
Support Moodle and APIs for integration of other LMS
Virtual representation of the organization
Closed and paid classes
Training the organization staff the basics of vAcademia
Technical support
Facilitation of conferences in the mixed reality format
Price on request
Price on request